Getting Started

This page is an overview of the ActyxOS documentation and related resources.

ActyxOS is a multi-device operating system for building decentralized, collaborative systems. Learn what ActyxOS about our motivation on our homepage.

Try ActyxOS

Contact us if you would like to try ActyxOS. You can experiment with ActyxOS on your local machine and then test it with multiple, collaborating physical devices.

Learn ActyxOS

This section provides resources you can use to learn more about ActyxOS.

Thinking in ActyxOS

Building decentralized systems requires a mindset quite different from traditional approaches to writing software. Check out the Thinking in ActyxOS section by Actyx CTO Dr. Roland Kuhn to learn more about how to think about translating your domain and case into working software.

Main concepts

Learn more about the main concepts underlying ActyxOS including event streams and persistence, blob storage, user interfaces and more.

Theoretical foundation

Dive into a bit of theory and learn more about the theoretical foundation on which ActyxOS is built: distributed systems, event sourcing, and the CAP theorem.

API reference

Check out the API references for the three core ActyxOS services:


Check out some of the most frequently asked questions, including:

Staying Informed

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Something Missing?

We appreciate any feedback. Feel free to reach out to us with feedback, suggestions or anything else that comes to mind.